Sean De Cuirteis


Sean De Cuirteis

Global Managing Director, Digital

Sean oversees all digital activity, from marketing communications to media and technology, performed by WPP agencies working on Colgate.

Sean joined Red Fuse from MEC Hong Kong, where he was assigned to the Colgate business. He demonstrates not only an interest in digital, but a natural understanding of what is required to help reach consumers through digital platforms. Sean previously served as Regional Head of Digital at Red Fuse Hong Kong. He was an integral part of an award-winning management team, piloting the office’s first data and analytics initiative.

He began his career in media in 2002 with Media Contacts UK, and has worked with an extensive range of clients, including Air France, KLM,  Dell, Microsoft, Credit Suisse, Intel, ING Direct, Expedia & Marriott Hotels.

Originally from Ireland, Sean holds a Higher Diploma in Management and Marketing from University College Cork.