It’s a brave new world.

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The traditional agency had a good run, but not everyone is equipped to keep up with the change. It’s time for something more. Time for an agency that’s truly global. One with the ability to draw upon the power of WPP’s communication experts to navigate the ever changing media landscape of today and tomorrow. It is time for Red Fuse. The agency purposely designed to chart new territory and boldly go farther than anyone has gone before.

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New Frontiers

The world is constantly changing. Paying attention to those changes – how and why they affect consumers and the market – is what keeps us moving forward. Knowing not only what new media platforms are available, but which ones have the biggest impact, is the key to discovering the most effective way for brands to interact with their ever-evolving consumers. We need to be prepared, not only for today, but for the future. We may not know what’s over the horizon, but when we find out, we’ll be ready.

Passport Program

Passport Program

We are pleased to announce Red Fuse’s Passport Program – a Program designed to allow non-executive/high performing employees the opportunity to work in a different region resulting in new learnings to best understand how they and their role fit into the overall organization. Ultimately, this type of experience will challenge employees in their thinking, will bring about new ideas and will establish new business relationships/experiences, at both the internal and client level.

Rural Visits

Rural Visits

With offices in 11 locations worldwide, Red Fuse is well aware of our global footprint. Through daily collaboration with and across our agency partners in multiple countries, we remain committed to understanding the cultural nuances of our audience and network, in order to continue to deliver the best work for the world’s second largest consumer brand. We actively partner with organizations and individuals within our reach to be on the ground and hands-on in our approach. Our rural visits afford us a real-time and personalized understanding of rural lifestyle around the world

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Rodger DiPasca

Global Managing Director, Shopper

Rodger DiPasca
Account Management

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Global Client Leader

James Atherton

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Global Managing Director, Digital

Sean De Cuirteis

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